Stainless Steel Tank, 5.000 litres


Article Number: 3627

Capacity5.000 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 316
Inner Diameter1800 mm
Outer Diameter1900 mm
Cylindrical Height1560 mm
Upper Floor550 mm
Bottom Floor390 mm
Total Height2500 mm
Double Shellavailable
Approvalswith TÜV documents
DepotBremen (Germany)

Operating data:
10 bar operating overpressure
185 °C Operating temperature
with TÜV papers

cyl. hanging on 4 claws
with dished bottom, upper end flanged
Double jacket around cylinder and lower base of mild steel,
as well as internal heating coil on the cylinder and lower bottom
each designed for 10 bar operating overpressure

1 hinged cover dome DN 500 top
1 x DN 300
2 x DN 200
1 x DN 150
1 x DN 100
3 x DN 50
3 x DN 25
in the lower bottom 1 x DN 150 outlet
and 2 x DN 50
and 2 sleeves 1″
Connections for double jacket DN 50

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3627 – Stainless Steel Tank