Flat Bottom Tank, 205.000 litres

Cyl. standing with lower flat bottom

Article Number: 3769

Capacity205.000 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 304 + AISI 316
Outer Diameter4140 mm
Cylindrical Height15000 mm
Per Floor795 mm
Total Height15795 mm
Approvalsincl. stability verification
DepotBremen (Germany)

cyl. standing with lower flat bottom
with claws for fastening and upper conical base 21
designed for spec. weight 1.1, temperature 100 °C
incl. proof of stability
for outdoor installation
under consideration of wind load zone 2
Actions from earthquakes and floods are not considered

1 manhole DN 600 in cylinder
Flange connections according to DIN 2633 PN10:
in the middle of the upper bottom Vent DN 125
Filling DN 80 with elbow to the wall
1 x DN 80
1 sleeve 1 1/2″ for overfill protection
2 sockets 2″ in the lower area for temperature and content measurement
Outlet DN 80 as deep as possible

2 containers as above, but
Material: V4A 1.4571

Extra charge:
12 ground anchors according to enclosed. sketch/photo
– must be welded onto it on site –

Extra charge, if desired:

Insulation around cylinder and upper bottom,
100 mm mineral wool, cover 1 mm thick
Aluminium sheet, fixed with V2A drive screws,
all cut-outs in the sheet metal jacket are carefully
and, where necessary, with orifices
for on-site assembly/scaffolding by the customer – for

Extra charge:
the manhole gets a removable cap
with insulation fixed on the inside

Extra charge, if desired:
1 internal heating coil from tube 33,7 x 2,6
Heating inlet/outlet flange DN 25 DIN 2633
designed for 3.0 bar operating overpressure, for water
without air, according to DGRL 2014/68/EU Art.3 para.3 without
TÜV approval, manufactured according to good engineering practice

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3769 – Flat Bottom Tank