Stainless Steel Tank, 25.000 litres


Article Number: 3803

Capacity25.000 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 304
Inner Diameter2900 mm
Outer Diameter3040 mm
Cylindrical Height3350 mm
Agitator Height800 mm
Upper Floor550 mm
Bottom Floor500 mm
Ground Clearance400 mm
Total Height5600 mm
Agitator available
DepotBremen (Germany)

built according to DIN 6618/2
Double jacket around cylinder and lower base,
for monitoring with vacuum leak detector (not included)
cyl. standing on 3 feet of Fe
with dished bottom
designed for special weight 1,31
Agitator eccentric from above, 3 inclined blade-
and 1 propeller with ring, approx. 3 kW, approx. 100 rpm.
Insulation around cylinder, cover, aluminium screwed (partly defective)

1 hinged cover dome DN 600 in the upper floor
1 x DN 150
2 x DN 65 (1 x with immersion tube for sampling)
3 x DN 50
and 2 x DN 40

(If desired, an outlet in the lower
floor can be installed. Then the
containers are considered to be single-walled).

approx. 5 to

Additional charges, if desired:

1 vacuum leak detector
Type Eurovac 04-1
for liquids of hazard class AIII
(heating oil, diesel fuel)

Mounting set for vacuum leak detectors,
Type Eurovac 04-1, incl. condensate vessel

Holder for LAG containers

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3803 – Stainless Steel Tank