Mixing Tank, 100.000 litres


Article Number: 3842

Capacity100.000 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 304
Welded Seamsinside food-safe grinded
Inner Diameter3500 mm
Outer Diameter3600 mm
Cylindrical Height10500 mm
Agitator Height1200 mm
Upper Floor500 mm
Bottom Floor500 mm
Total Height12700 mm
DepotBremen II (Germany)

cyl. upright with lower flat bottom sloping towards the outlet,
Frame filled with concrete and with upper conical bottom
inclined-blade agitator eccentric from above, with bottom bearing, approx. 5 kW, approx. 50 rpm
Insulation around cylinder, cover stainless steel fully welded

1 manhole in cylinder
Ventilation in the upper floor
and 2 spray heads
1 clear drain DN 80
1 residual outlet DN 80

approx. 15 to

If desired:
Proof of stability for indoor or outdoor installation
considering wind load zone 2, wind-/snow zone according to EUROCODE
Actions from earthquakes and floods are not considered

For outdoor installation:
Additional price for 8 pcs. clamps

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3842 – Mixing Tank