Stainless Steel Tank, 102.400 litres


Article Number: 3865

Capacity102.400 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 304
Welded Seamsinside food-safe grinded
Inner Diameter2866 mm
Outer Diamter3066 mm
Cylindrical Height15750 mm
Upper Floor550 mm
Ground Clearance100 mm
Total Height16400 mm
Approvalsincl. stability verification
DepotBremen (Germany)

cyl. upright with lower flat bottom sloping towards the outlet
substructured with concrete, with upper conical base 21°.
Insulation around cylinder and upper base, cover aluminium sheet screwed
designed for specific weight 1.3
incl. proof of stability

1 manhole 410 x 510 mm in cylinder
in the upper bottom 2 spray nozzles DN 50
central vent DN 300 with hood
and 2 x DN 100 DIN 11851 G
1 x DN 100 DIN 11851G in cylinder
lowest point
1 sleeve 1/2″
2 sleeves 1″

approx. 11 to

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3865 – Stainless Steel Tank