Mixing Tank, 400 litres

Double-walled and insulated

Article Number: 3899

Capacity400 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 304
Inner Diameter600 mm
Outer Diameter800 mm
Cylindrical Height1400 mm
Bottom Floor160 mm
Ground Clearance500 mm
Total Height2660 mm
DepotBremen (Germany)
Agitator Height600 mm

cyl. hanging in a frame made of Fe, 1.000 x 1.115 x 1.250 mm
top flat, split lid, loose
with convex bottom
Propeller/inclined blade agitator from top centre, without motor
with baffle
Double jacket around cylinder and lower bottom, designed for 3 bar operating pressure
Insulation around cylinder and lower base, cover riveted

in the cylinder
1x DN 100
1x DN 15
3 sight glasses
Outlet at the bottom DN 80, pulled forward

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3899 – Mixing Tank