Mixing Tank, 1.100 litres

Hanging, half pipe coil and insulated

Article Number: 3908

Capacity1.100 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 304
Outer Diameter1000 mm
Cylindrical Height1450 mm
Agitator Height600 mm
Per Floor250 mm
Total Height2550 mm
DepotBremen (Germany)
Heating coilexternally available

cyl. hanging on 4 claws
with dished bottom
Propeller agitator eccentric from above, 1.1 kW, 156 rpm
with external half-pipe coils on the cylinder and lower bottom, operating overpressure 3 bar
(11 windings on the cylinder)

1 Klappdeckeldom Ø 400 mm in oberen Boden
1 Nippel 1″
Auslauf 2″ unten mittig

Gewicht: ca. 300 kg

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3908 – Mixing Tank