Used Steel Tanks

Check out our range of used steel tanks in best quality. You are looking for a certain model? We will happily make you an offer of suitable steel tanks according to your needs. Just fill out our inquiry form:

Steel Tank, 100.000 litres

Capacity:100.000 litres
18.500,00 €

Steel tank with 100.000 litres capacity. Cylindrical lying on firmly welded saddle feet. 

Steel Tank, 30.000 litres

Capacity:30.000 litres
Specification:S235 JR
6.500,00 €

Steel tank with 30.000 litres capacity. Cylindrical standing on 4 feet. 

Steel Tank, 50.000 litres

Capacity:50.000 litres
Materials:Stainless Steel
Specification:S235 JR

Steel tank with 50.000 litres capacity. Cylindrical standing on 4 feet. Steel tank with convex bottom.

Not found the right steel tank? Then just fill in our inquiry form and we will happily make you an offer of suitable steel tanks according to your needs! 

Used Steel Tanks from Sielmann Tanks

Steel tanks are particularly dimensionally stable and above all safe. They are therefore a proven solution for storing different materials. Steel tanks are used in industrial production for the storage of both solid and liquid production materials as well as in the food industry. However, steel containers do not have to be new to ensure perfect quality. Compared to brand new steel containers, used containers are also a high-quality alternative. They are not only quickly ready for use, but also particularly cost-effective to purchase. Through our careful work, cleaning and renewal of the steel tanks we guarantee quality to your complete satisfaction. 

Our range of used steel tanks is not only of the highest quality, but is also available in various designs, so that you can find any shape, size and capacity of used steel tank that suits your requirements.