Stainless Steel Tank, 5.600 litres

Double-walled and insulated

Article Number: 3468

Capacity5.600 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 316
Outer Diameter1800 mm
Cylindrical Height2000 mm
Upper Floor200 mm
Bottom Floor300 mm
Ground Clearance1000 mm
Total Height3500 mm
DepotBremen (Germany)

cyl. standing on 3 feet of Fe
with upper cone bottom and lower vaulted bottom

1 opening 350 x 500 mm with flap in the upper bottom
Vent DN 200 centered with hood
1 tube Ø 300
1 tube Ø 200
in the cylinder at the top DN 150 is led out
and 1 x DN 300
and 1 x DN 80
Outlet bottom centered DN 300

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3468 – Stainless Steel Tank