About Us

At Sielmann you get used tanks and vessels for above and below the ground. We supply you with individual tank constructions for many products in the industry, trade, food (drinks, pastes, etc.), chemistry and handicraft. We are known for our first-class tanks.

Flat-bottom tanks, stainless steel tanks, spherical tanks, tank farms and many other containers are available directly from our own warehouses. Just ask us! We also do tank repairs on request and after inspection and gladly purchase your used containers and tanks.

We got large warehouses with many different containers in various designs for many media such as liquids, food, pastes, manufacturing, heating and cooling requirements and much more. Use our various warehouses in Germany. Commitment and safety is proven daily by more than 100 years of competence in the team with and for customers.

Since our foundation more than 100 years ago, we can guarantee that all our tanks are of first-class quality.
That is something we can be proud of.
J.-P. Susemiehl
CEO of Sielmann