Flat Bottom Tank, 22.000 litres

Double Shell, cyl. standing with lower flat

Article Number: 3790

Capacity22.000 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 304
Outer Diameter2600 mm
Cylindrical Height3900 / 4000 mm
Per Floor350 mm
Total Height4350 mm
Double Shellexisting
DepotBremen (Germany)

cyl. standing with lower flat, to the outlet
floor, which is drawn in at an angle, which is good for the
must be underpinned, otherwise the soil will crack
with upper cone bottom
with a heating spiral in the cylinder below,
Operating overpressure 6 bar, heating surface approx. 1.5 sqm

1 manhole 350 x 450 mm in cylinder
1 opening 510 x 620 mm with hinged cover
in the upper floor
and 1 x DN 100
and 1 x DN 80
in cylinder top 2 x DN 50
Outlet DN 80 at lowest point
Connections for heating DN 50

Weight: approx. 1,5 tons

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3790 – Flat Bottom Tank