Stainless Steel Tank, 3.000 litres


Article Number: 3905

Capacity3.000 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
SpecificationAISI 304
Outer Diameter1550 mm
Cylindrical Height1500 mm
Upper Floor350 mm
Bottom Floor500 mm
Ground Clearance 450 mm
Total Height2800 mm
Double Shellavailable
DepotBremen II (Germany)

cyl. standing on 4 feet, with bracing
with upper vaulted bottom
and lower cone bottom
external half pipe coil around
Cylinder, 7 turns, operating overpressure 3 bar
Double jacket for heating/cooling
at the lower bottom, operating overpressure 3 bar
(is checked before delivery, incl. certificate)
Insulating collar on top of the cylinder and
Insulating cover on the lower bottom

1 dome Ø 450 in the upper bottom centered
beside it 1 sight glass DN 100
in cylinder bottom 1 sleeve
Outlet bottom centered DN 40
next to it 1 sleeve
Connections for heating DN 32

Additional price, if desired:
Insulation around cylinder, 100 mm mineral wool
a) Aluminium screwed
b) VA screwed
c) VA fully welded

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3905 – Stainless Steel Tank